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Cloud IAM has become to complex to trust. Developer velocity stalls with every 'access denied' error. Security risks increase with every excess permission. Operational efficiency drops with every emergency access exception. With thousands of roles and tens of thousands of permissions, it's no wonder that analysts forecast that misconfigurations are the leading causes of security breaches.

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Noq seeks to simplify cloud IAM for everyone. We are on a mission to enable great cloud security through great engineering. Ultimately, we seek to bring back sanity for everyone by paving a path to least privilege that puts developers in control of Cloud IAM without losing control of cloud security.


Noq was founded in November 2021 by Curtis in response to the sounds of developer frustrations troubleshooting IAM permissions. At Netflix, Curtis authored ConsoleMe, an open-source ‘control plane for IAM’ in response to these frustrations, which is currently used by AWS customers around the world.


An IAM role walks into a bar and says "ARN't you glad I'm not here to tell noq noq jokes?"

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Curtis Castrapel


Curtis is a software engineer who was working on IAM challenges before they were cool. Starting with games (Blizzard), securing the largest intelligence database in the world (Facebook), ride hailing (Uber) and eventually movies in the mail (Netflix), he has become the go-to security expert that developers need. Curtis has spent years in search of the holy grail that would solve IAM once and for all. After failing to find it, and not willing to give up, he decided to start Noq.

Curtis is a father to two boys, and also Netflix's ConsoleMe project. While not writing code on his treadmill desk or being a father, he can be found surfing in the waters of Orange County, CA.

Meet Our Team

My friend asked me, “What’s the best thing about Switzerland?” I said “I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.”

Will Beasley

Founding Engineer

A Well-Trained AI Might Say:

Noq Noq

Who's There?


Alec who?

Alec Noq Noq jokes.

Matt Daue

Founding Engineer

Mentor: "It's always good to drop table fixture after your tests execution"

Mentee: "Sure did"

Colleague: "I am getting paged for the web app not able to find table, did we do something to the database table?"

Mentor: "What environment did you run the tests on..."

Steven Moy

Founding Engineer

Engineer just enters an office and says  “I need access to  this Role”.

Team Lead replies “did you NOQ before coming in?”.

Kayizzi Sulaiman

Software Engineer

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