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Perks & Benefits

Early stage equity icon

Early Stage Equity

Noq offers competitive equity only found at early stage startups.

Unlimited time off icon

Unlimited Time Off

Whether it's a planned vacation or a mental health day, when you need a day off, take it.

end less supply of jokes icon

Endless Supply of Jokes

With Noq as the name, we can’t help ourselves. If anyone can make Cloud IAM fun, it’s us.

health care stipend icon

Health Care Stipend

Noq offers employees comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage and a yearly allowance of up to $15,000 to cover the plan premiums.

Shave the future of yoyurbenifits

Shape the Future of Your Benefits

As an early Noq Star, you’ll have the ability to help shape Noq’s future employee benefits.

all remote icon

All Remote

Noq is an all remote team that lives in Slack, shares playlists on watchparty, and occasionally meets in person for a conference, retreat, or just because.

Open Positions

We're currently have the following open positions:

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Sr. Full Stack Engineer (Tech Lead, Python/React)


We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our team as a technical lead. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring the reliability, performance, and availability of our products and services. We expect you to have a proven track record with Python, React, AWS IAM, experience working at an early-stage startup, and experience working on a multi-tenant SaaS product. Experience with Golang and software engineering management are a plus. As the Senior Software Engineer, you will work closely with the development team to design and implement efficient, scalable, and reliable software solutions in both our SaaS and standalone offerings. You will also work on reliability tasks, such as monitoring, alerting, incident response, and ensuring the security and availability of our systems.